Friday, 31 July 2015

Kevin's 'Instagram' @ Rizzoni's


The taste of this drink was quite similar to that of the 'Samba' cocktail which i 

described in an earlier post. The ingredients were basically the same as the 

vodka and peach could be tasted. The club soda in the cocktail also added a 

very fizzy taste which was equally refreshing. An overall good drink and 

wonderful presentation. 

Mark's 'Godfather' @ Rizzoni's


This version of the drink subtitued the Amaretto with Vermot. I was quite 

surprised how this one change could have such a striking change in taste! 

This drink was also delicious, but had a much stronger taste. The Vermot 

didn't blend as smoothly with the scotch, creating a stark contrast between 

the initial sweet taste that I got with each sip. The taste of the scotch was very 

distinct and was not at all disguised or hidden; reminding me that this could 

quite easily be called a man's cocktail! 

Kevin's 'D Original Godfather' @ Rizzoni's

A well balanced and delicious drink. Made from Scotch, Amaretto and Bitters, 

each sip started of with a very sweet taste but blended well with the scotch to 

disguise its flavour and give a smooth finish. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Zoi's Fruit Bowl @ La Habana

This drink contained a vriety of natural fruits such as 

mango,watermelon and strawberry as well as mixture of other 

fruit purees. The fruit and vodka blended well together and 

created a deliciously balanced cocktial. The smell of the fruit was 

very distinct and masked that of the alcohol; which was a 

completely different  experience where taste was concerned since i 

could taste both the fruit and alcohol at the same time which went 

pretty smoothly.

Welcome to the  Zoi Zone.....

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Marlon's Twilight @ Frankie's

Its name really comes into play here as the colour of the drink resembles the 

soft, yellow and orange colour of the sky when the sun is below the horizon. 

From the first sip, i could taste the full blend of the juices combined with 

alcohol. The drink is moderately sweet and smooth and kept me wanting 

more. Each sip gave a smooth transition from a sweet taste and ended with 

the taste of alcohol. What a marvelous creation by the bartender!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

NeatBartender's Tip.

When you visit a bar don't just select a cocktail off the drinks menu. Instead 

ask the bartender to mix you one of his specialty drinks! You can go even 

further by informing the bartender of your preferred type of liqour!  That way 

you'd be sure to get a cocktail that you really enjoy. I've realised that some of 

the best cocktails aren't listed on the menu.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Don't Drink and Drive

Even though this blog serves to promote the skills of some of our local 

bartenders and the deliciously unique cocktails that they create, we must 

always remember that drinking and driving is not only an offence, but an 

extremely dangerous practice. So when enjoying a night out sampling various 

cocktails... remember to DESIGNATE A DRIVER!!!

'Anon's' Balalaika @ Shesha Cafe


A combination of Smirnoff vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, lemon juice and 

sugar made this a delightfully sweet cocktail. The taste of alcohol was quite 

subtle, which made this cocktail quite a creeper. 

'Anon's' Zombie @ SheSha Cafe

The look of this drink alone instils fear. The murky layered appearance was 

created by the mix of three types of rum, orange, lime and pineapple juices. 

Not surprisingly, the various rums made this a very strong drink and created 

a shary, musky taste. However, the mixture of fruit juices made it smooth, 

refreshing and enjoyable.

Anon's Tamarind Sour @ Chaud Cafe


Deceptive little cocktail indeed. Don't be fooled by it's simple, ordinary 

appearance, this was quite a flavourful drink! It was not at all 'sour' as its 

name suggests, there was actually some sweetness to it. There was also a 

very balanced mix of alcohol and tamarind juice.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Justin's 'Wet Clit' @ Zanzibar, Movietowne

This drink was smooth, sweet, milky and strong. I'm not a fan of milky drinks 

but this was delicious. With ice cream and Bailey's as two of the main 

ingredients... I could definitely see this being a favourite among the ladies.

Justin's Purple Haze @ Zanzibar, Movietowne

Surely a drink to last you a night. Talk about strong! Overall, this cocktail 

was on the sweet side, however this did not disguise the strong taste of the 

liquor. This drink really awoke my taste buds. My initial sip provoked a 

"Whoooooooo!" response as the taste of each liquor  incorporated in this 

cocktail could be clearly identified with every sip.... Tequilla, Rum, Vodka and 

Triple Sec... which created a burning sensation on the inside. So, do err on the 

side of caution with this one.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Kishion's 'A Trini Woman' @ CJ's on the Avenue

This was by far the most creative and unique cocktail yet; especially since the 

two main ingredients (beer and mango) don't seem to go hand in hand. Not a 

fan of beer... that's not a problem!!! The mango and Kishion's secret 

ingredient camouflaged the taste. What's even better is that your favourite 

beer can even be substituted for your drinking pleasure. The beer literally 

trickled into the cocktail so its taste was never overpowering. Totally 

awesome drink! But proceed with caution and remember that this cocktail is 

two drinks in one. 

Michael's Watermelon Mojito @ Buzz Bar

Three words...different yet delicious. This drink tasted like a regular Mojito 

except with a watermelon twist. Not mildly-flavoured by a long shot! The 

taste of rum was quite distinct, making it a tad difficult to have a second 

round, that is if you prefer your cocktails on the sweeter side. 

Michael's Blueberry Sparkle @ Buzz Bar

Made from real blueberries, vodka, cranberry juice and topped 

with club soda, this drink was light, bubbly and fizzy with a taste 

that was quite similar to that of a Champagne Mimosa. Ever 

tasted this cocktail? Share your experience if you agree. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Alva's Samba @ Texas De Brazil

Curiosity led me to try 'Samba'... after all, I wouldn't have thought that 

combining citrus with peach could create an enjoyable drink. Strangely

enough, it did. It was a refreshing cocktail; neither sweet nor sour but just the

 right amount of both, that when mixed with vodka was quite tasty. 

Alva's 'One For D Road' @ Texas De Brazil

This drink totally uplifted the senses. The hint of lime zest coupled 

with the sweet and lingering taste of amaretto pleasantly

 surprised my palate. Never did I imagine that its taste would so

 closely resemble that of a real trini sponge cake. If you're a fan of 

sponge cake, this is surely a drink to try. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Kishion's Apple Martini @ CJs on the Avenue

This  vibrant  neon-coloured  cocktail  was  equally  picturesque  as it was 

delicious. The   smooth  taste of vodka was subtly disguised by the crisp, 


 refreshing  taste of apple which would make this an  excellent   option if you 

desire the  mellowing  effects  of  alcohol  without  even  tasting  it.