Sunday, 9 August 2015

Kishion's Moonlight @ CJs On the Avenue

This non alcoholic drinks was a delightfully delicious and its 

presentation was surely something to admire to taste. the citrus 

slice truly resembled a full moon. Its fizzy twist made the drink 

taste as though there was alcohol in it.  The ingredients were very 

basis and included a combination of fruit purees. 

Friday, 31 July 2015

Kevin's 'Instagram' @ Rizzoni's


The taste of this drink was quite similar to that of the 'Samba' cocktail which i 

described in an earlier post. The ingredients were basically the same as the 

vodka and peach could be tasted. The club soda in the cocktail also added a 

very fizzy taste which was equally refreshing. An overall good drink and 

wonderful presentation. 

Mark's 'Godfather' @ Rizzoni's


This version of the drink subtitued the Amaretto with Vermot. I was quite 

surprised how this one change could have such a striking change in taste! 

This drink was also delicious, but had a much stronger taste. The Vermot 

didn't blend as smoothly with the scotch, creating a stark contrast between 

the initial sweet taste that I got with each sip. The taste of the scotch was very 

distinct and was not at all disguised or hidden; reminding me that this could 

quite easily be called a man's cocktail! 

Kevin's 'D Original Godfather' @ Rizzoni's

A well balanced and delicious drink. Made from Scotch, Amaretto and Bitters, 

each sip started of with a very sweet taste but blended well with the scotch to 

disguise its flavour and give a smooth finish. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Zoi's Fruit Bowl @ La Habana

This drink contained a vriety of natural fruits such as 

mango,watermelon and strawberry as well as mixture of other 

fruit purees. The fruit and vodka blended well together and 

created a deliciously balanced cocktial. The smell of the fruit was 

very distinct and masked that of the alcohol; which was a 

completely different  experience where taste was concerned since i 

could taste both the fruit and alcohol at the same time which went 

pretty smoothly.

Welcome to the  Zoi Zone.....

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Marlon's Twilight @ Frankie's

Its name really comes into play here as the colour of the drink resembles the 

soft, yellow and orange colour of the sky when the sun is below the horizon. 

From the first sip, i could taste the full blend of the juices combined with 

alcohol. The drink is moderately sweet and smooth and kept me wanting 

more. Each sip gave a smooth transition from a sweet taste and ended with 

the taste of alcohol. What a marvelous creation by the bartender!